Space Factory
a spam collage

you want to learn the use of patterns
to impress cocktail party guests
between decorators
the next time you’re exploited
you can design a simple facade
of the best practices
a proxy environment and more
that lets you put something to do instead
with others who’ve faced the challenging alone
you have your real relationship
(or worse, a flat tire)
you know trading what and why
isn’t as simple as it sounds
but you don’t matter we think
look you’re not wrong about might
you’re just not speaking the language
you want to learn about struggling
and everything that makes you want to see
how the Factory will NOT help
you want to learn something more fun
(own your boss)
you want something that you can hold
(use your co-worker)
you’ll easily counter built-in advantage
(books, the experience of others)
with your inheritance of academic science
you’ll avoid the embarrassment of principles
(time, matter) in a way that sticks better
load native patterns into your facade
casually mention learning theory format
the next time you paddle up a creek
in the wild you wheel your reinvented brain
at any given moment
somewhere in the world
software applications put you to sleep

©2002 F.J. Bergmann

"Space Factory" appeared on Poetry Midwest #18 WINTER’S END 2007

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