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Magenta is a 1/4 Arabian 1999 bay mare, ~15 hands. We got her as an unbroken 3-year-old in April 2002. The kids started to ride her 2 weeks later. She is jumping small fences quietly, and larger fences interestingly! Floyd is sold, but see him here anyway.
Melfina is a 1995 grulla pinto pony mare, ~12 hands. We got her in July 2002, and she is now living near Mount Horeb.

Maggie in her pasture

melfina photo
Melfina at new stable

Leona & Maggie

melfina photo

Me on Melfina in the early stages

Leona on Maggie – nice halt
pi and maggie photo
Philippa riding Maggie

Leona riding Maggie
leona and maggie photo
Leona being longed on Maggie