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My favorite media are colored pencils, acrylics, gold point, and computers. I have received awards for etching, painting, drawing, photo and digital work. My images have appeared on Foliate Oak and Poems Niederngasse. I admire the works of Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali, H. R. Giger, Edward Gorey, René Magritte, Dorothea Tanning, Allen Toney, Remedios Varo, and John Wilde, among others.


I read at local open mikes and slams. My poems have been published online at (under the peudaonym Easter Cathay) and, and in a bunch of other print and online journals. I like Billy Collins, Carrie St. George Comer, Russell Edson, Ray Gonzalez, Louis Jenkins, Corey Mesler, and ... let's keep this short. I am the poetry editor for Mobius: A Journal of Social Change, I also run , a public-service website for local poetry in Madison, Wisconsin.


30 years of professional experience with horses, mainly in dressage and eventing; I organized recognized competitions, steeplechased (once, and fell off at the last fence, but hey; it coulda been the first), foxhunted, and started Thoroughbreds for the racetrack, and was DC of Marlborough Pony Club in Maryland. I still teach and train occasionally.

Science Fiction

Fervid sci-fi and fantasy reader; beginning to write it. Fall of Snow appears in Expanded Horizons at Pale Horse won the 2006 Mary Shelley Imaginative Fiction Award ($1,000!) from Rosebud. My favorite authors include Ernest Brahmah, Ursula LeGuin, Naomi Novik, Terry Pratchett, Mark Rogers, Pat Rothfuss, Matt Ruff, Joanna Russ, Fred Saberhagen, Lemony Snickett, Sean Stewart, Connie Willis, P.G. Wodehouse, and Roger Zelazny.

Haute Cuisine at someone else's expense

I would be delighted to meet with you to discuss future projects at a fine restaurant of your choice! E-mail me at

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