Duet For One Voice
(is that like one hand clapping?)

we paralleled our motions
all through the simmering heat
the rippling fields were oceans
with ships of hay and wheat

far from the distant seashore
a cruise in hurricane season
above the horizon (a metaphor)
the spinning light of reason

ascend the turning tower
disintegrating story
sick vertigo of power
so exit trancing glory

across the ruined yearlings
bright someday summerdays calling
gay funerals of fearlings
anticipate the falling

over the hill down the other side
gold leaves are whirling madly
oh what fun it is to slide!
how easily we seem to glide
we’re still behaving badly

©1997 F.J. Bergmann

"Duet for One Voice" appeared on Prose Toad Fall 2004

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