End-of-the-World Grill

Hot enough for ya? I’m getting the notoriety
I deserve. So I’ll be this week’s special guest
President. Sixty m.p.h. winds on the radio.
Global warming increases thermal energy
in the atmosphere, resulting in stronger winds;
bigger, frothier waves on the ocean. Whitecaps
reflect more light, increasing the planet’s albedo.
Light scatters in the atmosphere, raising
the earth’s temperature some more.

Everybody talks about the weather, but
somebody didn’t sign the Kyoto Protocol.
“Clear Skies.” Hah. Watch this space for
further development. Where would you
begin? Why are we here? You’re just not
my idea of appropriate Presidential material.
Accomplished liar, yeah; mission, no.
Demonstrably, God hates everybody.
I could murder too, if the occasion arose.

Stupid and evil. And a little too rich.
Two hundred million years out of Africa
and this is what we’ve got to show for it. Visa.
MasterCard. American Express. Expiration.
Are you a Christian? Richard Coeur-de-Lion,
the Crusades; you see yourself. Out of luck,
shithead. If only. Mister Fixit: plugging leaks,
wiring, clearing away rubble and brush, crap
down the drain. HVAC expertise.
A family-owned business

©2004 F.J. Bergmann

"End-of-the-World Grill" appeared in the Free State Street Poetry Sheet

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