Hate Crimes

I wail and wail and no one ever comes
I wish my daddy still lived with us
I wish my mommy still loved me

I stand in the corner, and go to bed without my supper
I didn’t do it

I had it first
I dragged a stick across broken
cement in the far corner of the playground
I had to repeat fifth grade
It wasn’t my fault

No one would go to the dance with me
(What a creep)
I lost the job in the first week

I am the reason the shape of ears radiates heat
I hold reactionary political views and no one can tell me anything
I’m not a wimp
You talking to me?

I stalk, and seize, and smash
I killed someone once
I stole a whole chocolate cake and I
crouched over it while I ate
No one came to my birthday party
I waited all afternoon
Don’t be a baby

I’ve got rights
You think you’re so good
You better watch your mouth
You better watch out for them
You better watch out for me
I hate your guts
I hate me

©1997 F.J. Bergmann

"Hate Crimes" appeared on Prose Toad Fall 2004

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