Imaging Dept.

They’ll see you right away
There are forms and formalities, over quickly
The door locks automatically on the narrow room
Being helped on to the gliding platform
Do you understand everything?
(how did this happen to me?)
Explanation of the invisible excommunication
Echoing images of density
Imaging depth

The bier is draped in rippling silence
The disorient express pulls out of the station
The tunnel looms
You are now leaving the controlled sector
Are you warm enough?
(did I remember to bring my passport?)
Exhalation of the transparent exanimation
Counting unnumbered breaths
Imagining destination

Here, an icy wind blowing across white dunes
The sky a receding gradient of cloud
Approaching gunfire over the sound of the train
Desperate refugees pounding on the metal wall
the tourism brochures mentioned no difficulties
How are you doing so far?
(my consulate shall hear of this!)
Explosion on the Interesting Landscape expedition
Derailing in distant desert
Excoriation, trial, imprisonment
Imaginary death

You had given the gurney in the hall a wide berth
Now, the corpse sent home for burial
Ominously vibrating in the luggage car
Floating over the catafalque
It rises and begins to rotate
The arms cross and slide through each other
Pulling tightly around the spinning body
Exhaustion of twisting pain; excruciation
Distorting light
Are you all right?

©1998 F.J. Bergmann

"Imaging Dept." appeared in Free Verse #88

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