Mixed Media Abstract, Mostly Red

I wish
I had a personal
space cruiser, painted vermilion

but no;
my personal space
isn’t that interesting a place; I’d like

to move
by flapping my wings,
although this room is an alphabet

and crinkles
my flight pinions
like the first drafts of love letters.

Why couldn’t
you defragment
on your own? The human face

is like
cheap makeup on
good watercolor paper, like blood-red juice

staining snow
soft as the breast
of a magician’s dove, filling my mouth with

dry feathers,
dyed the scarlet
of poppies. My center is holding

just fine,
thank you very much.
I’ve never lost anything that mattered.

©200o F.J. Bergmann

"Mixed Media Abstract, Mostly Red" appeared on Tattoo Highway #7

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