To become wonderful:
the sun to which things turn.
I wait for longer days,
long shadows stretching west.

The sun, to which things turn,
arose from green dawn today,
long shadows stretching west.
I went to the garden to pick

a rose from green. Dawn today
was easier than I'd hoped for;
I went to the garden. To pick
a husband, a job, a life

was easier than I'd hoped for.
Sometimes we get more
(a husband, a job, a life)
than we deserve.

Sometimes we get more
impatient; people are kinder
than we deserve,
considering how we've behaved.

Impatient people are kinder
when someone has suffered.
Considering how we've behaved,
it makes us thankful.

When someone has suffered
but not too much,
it makes us thankful.
Someday I will grow up,

but not too much.
I wait for longer days.
Someday I will grow up
to become wonderful.

© 2002 F.J. Bergmann
"Pantoumine" appeared in A Cup of Poems and on About Pantoums

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