Unified Field

radical extremists who were trained by our the ruling class government uncontrolled war operations ideally powered in terrorism and drowning from within the transparent asphyxia of clear water and everything can be so explained away collapse crash fall theology underlying economics $-signs with little feathery wings flit over our heads just out of reach something dripping from the skies the government is corporations & corporations are persons = people so the government is the people & everyone is a corporation but I am becoming unincorporated undone unimportant uninspired searching for the unimaginable—I had it just a moment ago but you can't take your eyes off it for a second; it grew legs and wandered away and just because the legs were unimaginable too don't imagine for a moment that they weren't functional; they moved pretty fast in spite of the pennants noisemakers and an alarm system what is unbounded by imagination can be neatly pigeonholed by belief treat our money as a religion not available in stores—order toll-free—everybody will be wanting soon

©2003 F.J. Bergmann

"Unified Field" appeared on blackbox 2006 Winter Collisions.

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