billion sonnet generator
Approximately one billion (56 x 48 = 1.0249) different wretchedly bad inspirational lyric sonnets for your delectation and subsequent emesis, right here! Click 'Refresh' in the top toolbar to generate a new random sonnet. Refresh the page again if duplicate lines appear. Be very patient. Now with improved pentameter lines.


…the chance of a man's finding his own Vindication, or some perfidious version of his own, can be calculated to be zero.
                                                                         —Jorge Luis Borges, “The Library of Babel

The early twentieth-century French Surrealist poet Raymond Queneau produced a book called Cent Mille Milliards de Poèmes (A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems). By writing ten different fourteen-line sonnets with the same endrhymes and then cutting the book between each line so that the page segments could be turned independently, he produced 100,000,000,000,000 (one hundred trillion, or 1014) potential sonnets.

Inspired by his example, we have produced a similar effect with far less effort. This generator uses JavaScript to randomize the elicitation of rhyming text lines in the traditional Shakespearean, or Elizabethan sonnet form: three quatrains, rhyming abab cdcd efef, and a couplet, rhyming gg. All of its derivative, cliché-ridden possibilities are the intellectual property of F.J. Bergmannn. See for more evidence of our degenerate and unregenerate activities.

Due to insurmountable temporary glitches (we can't seem to locate our JavaScript textbook), any sonnet with duplicate lines is a False Sonnet (Regrettably, the odds of this occuring are 3:5. We think. We can't find our statistics textbook at the moment, either.) Refresh the page until a satisfactory sonnet is obtained. The titles are also random; including their variations in the count of permutations results in over 15 billion (1.536 x 1010) unique sonnets.

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