All Is Forgiven

I miss Billy Clinton
I miss his nice teeth
Put him back in the White House
With a welcome-home wreath.

Please come home, Bill Clinton;
We miss your big grin
We take it all back
And forgive your small sin.

Come back to us, Clinton,
I’m sorry I spread
All those rude jokes regarding
Your performance in bed.

I miss your small ears
And your shirt smeared with lipstick.
I miss your distinguishing

This Bush sprig’s deluded;
His ego unchecked,
Our civil rights gutted,
The economy wrecked.

The Bush cabinet
woud make anyone puke.
International diplomacy?
The answer’s a nuke.

We miss you, Bill Clinton.
We never expected
You’d seem so attractive
When seen retrospected.

We wouldn’t have to worry
That you’d drop an H-bomb
You would have conducted
Yourself with aplomb.

I miss you a lot
Now that Bush makes us blue.
I miss Socks, I miss Chelsea,
I miss Hillary too.

We miss your appointees;
we miss Tipper and Al Gore;
We miss your agenda:
“Make Interns, Not War!”

We want democracy back
In the Capitol dome.
Even Monica misses you;
Bill Clinton, come home!

©2003 F.J. Bergmann

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