Memento Mori

When the world ends, I’ll hang on …
          First line from “The Dance” by Cornelius Eady

When the world ends, I’ll hang on
to a few souvenirs: a tin nightingale
enameled in fiesta colors
that thrilled to the turn of a key
unwinding its vibrant trill; a lapis
lazuli necklace; a jar of sleeping
fireflies, slowly pulsing with light.

When the world ends, I’ll watch
from a chaise-longue on the deck
of a celestial container ship, blue
ruin on dry ice at my shuddering
elbow, mohair blanket in my bony lap,
dogs who have lost their owners
whining softly at my feet.

When the world ends, it will be
too late for graffiti, too late for letters
to the editor, too late for instant
messaging. Soon, soon, entropy
will have its way with us, unravel
the nests we built straw by straw,
strand by starry strand.

©2005 F.J. Bergmann

"Memento Mori" appeared on 13th Warrior Review Volume 5, Issue 10

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