This device is a JavaScript randomizer that selects from lists of Characters, Settings, Problems, and irrelevant Details to give you a unique juxtaposition of elements from which to create speculative fiction. Refesh the page to create a new Plot. Do not worry that someone else may use the same Plot—with 20 selections in each category there are 204 (160,000) possible outcomes (more have been added; the current possibilities number over 2 million). Besides, they will write a completely different story, even if the Plot Elements are the same. More Elements will be added as they occur to us or arrive (see below).





There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.
—Mark Twain, Life On The Mississippi

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The words you use to describe your reality, create reality.
     —Sir Martin Brofman

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Always put in one unimportant thing about a character and withold one inportant thing.
—Roger Zelazny

This is a simplification of the Godawful Sonnet Generator. Thanks to the 2008 (XII) Viable Paradise Workshop for the prompt (their version involved only the first three categories, written on slips of paper and drawn from a hat). A tip of that hat to Roger Zelazny for suggesting the Details category. Note that categories can be interchangeable. Thanks to Joanne Merriam, who graciously allowed the use of Problem elements occurring in her poem "Death on Other Planets." And if you'd like to contribute items to the Plot Element lists, send 'em to

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